The Wolf And The Woman

Through the woods
she meanders at a
slow and stately pace
in a gown of palest white,
hair as dark as night

She sings as she glides
through those ancient
and mighty oaks,
she sings of love, of all
its purest forms.

She sings of a lovers
sweet caress,
she sings
of long passionate
night locked in a lovers

A wolf stops and
Stares as that divine
form passes Him.

His eyes soft and
his and his heart
full, he raises his
muzzle to the sky
and joins his voice
with hers.

She turns her head
and smiles to the

His heart soars
and is filled with
love for this creature
of unearthly beauty.
deep within he
longs to be her
If only i was good enough
he thinks as she
passes out of sight.

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